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According to Stewart and Rothwell (1993) these main steps were: The above bulleted quotes are from pages 461-462 of W. Flowering plants evolved from herbaceous forms possessing ovule and pollen bearing organs that coalesced over time producing modern flowers according to D. Professor Burger proposed six hypothetical trends in the early evolution of angiosperms: The above bulleted quotation is from pages 191-194 of W. Burger (1981), Heresy revived: the monocot theory of angiosperm origin, Evolutionary Theory 5: 189-225. Oleananes, together with ursenes, lupenes, and taraxerenes are important TSBs that belong to a class of Β-amirin triterpenoids (Moldowan and Jacobson 2002). Oleananes occur in fossilized leaf material of certain gigantopterids, bennettitaleans, and flowering plants (Moldowan and Jacobson 2002), but are absent from samples of several other fossil seed plants (D. Problems with Contemporary Data Sets: Controversial assertions abound in the scientific literature of the 20th Century and three categories of credible hypotheses and theories exist (Rothwell et al. None of these ideas when taken as a whole are neither compelling or plausible to many scientists, including the author. Based on a discussion of floral evo-devo by Becker (2016), there are other points of view to be considered. Deciphering evo-devo of short- (spur-) shoots on growing mother plants in hybridizing Permo-carboniferous seed plant populations is probably a central tenet in disentangling at least some aspects of the allopolyploid origin of the flowering plants.

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When the Civil War broke out, according to church member Steve Doweary, who has compiled a history of the church, many of the young men in the congregation enlisted in the Union Army.

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