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The first evidence comes from Waywaka in the south-central Andes of Peru where a goldworker s tool kit, along with small pieces of gold foil, probably dating before 1500 BC, has been discovered.

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Certainly, Minoan society was prosperous, lively and almost cosmopolitan, for the people lived as sea traders around the eastern end of the Mediterranean world.

Using the lost-wax technique, they chased veins on leaves or grooves on beads.

Head-dresses had golden feathers to which real birds plumage was attached.

They consolidated their homes and villages into larger, better-organised communities, mini-city states, on the banks of the rivers.

What had previously been an exceptionally rare metal, largely the prerequisite of kings and princes, was suddenly in abundance.

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Bowditch, who visited Kumasi in 1817, reported The sun was reflected.

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