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The Hopewell culture, also known as the Hopewell tradition because it describes a range of different tribes who developed an extensive trade network along the rivers of the northeast and midwest, flourished from around 200 B. The Junction Group was first named and documented by Ephraim George Squier and Edwin Hamilton Davis in their seminal 1848 work .It was the first major work on the archaeology of ancient mounds in the United States and the first publication of the Smithsonian Institution.What Piranesi did with the form, however, was entirely new.The prisons were expressions of visions in his mind, not of tourist bullet points.The Junction Group was built 1800-2000 years ago as nine earthworks enclosures: four circular mounds, three crescents, one large square and a quatrefoil.The latter is the only known example of that shape ever discovered in Ohio.

The land has road frontage and is close to city water and sewer lines, which makes it a very attractive parcel for a housing development.To keep this irreplaceable historical treasure from falling into uncaring hands, the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy, the Arc of Appalachia and other non-profit organizations are working together to raise 0,000 to buy not just the earthworks parcel but the entire farm which is being sold in six lots.If they are successful in acquiring the land, the long-term plan is to turn it over to the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park which is just six miles northwest of the Junction Group.He took the 16 prints of the second edition and transformed them into a three-dimensional space so viewers can travel deep into Piranesi’s imagination.It’s 12 minutes long and it’s nothing short of riveting.

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There’s already a subdivision kitty corner with the property.

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