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The Albrechts drove through Poland from Wroclaw & Cracow, through Czestochowa& Warsaw to Malbork and Gdansk, visitng as well the hometowns of Bob's grandparents near Poznan and Ilawa.Bob Albrecht has woven into his film elements of the country's long, rich and unstable history. Andrews eve, Nov 30) was the last party of the year, with some special customs such as divining future from pouring hot wax on water. Music by DJ Filip from by Michal Witkowski published by WAB in 2006.Roman Polański Bilety do kupienia w kasach Kina Nowe Horyzonty i na id=13757#PCFB #Polish Cinema #Poland Abroad #Ghost Writer #Roman Polański #Pierce Brosnan #Ewan Mc Gregor #Last Screening Cheers!

Music by DJ Filip from Portland well known locally for his very well received discos at the Polish Home.

His lecture in the Distinguished Polish Speaker Series is entitled Post-Communist Transformation in Central Europe.

The lecture is organized by the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee and supported by UW PSEC and UW Ellison Center for Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies.

Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej⬇️⬇️⬇️Feminism in Polish Art - a lecture in English by Małgorzata Santarek Feminist art appeared in 60s and 70s with so called second-wave feminism.

However, political situation in Poland caused that “western” feminism was practically absent until 1989.

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The disco is a fundraiser to support the trip to World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia in 2008.

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