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I just want every single music-lover on earth to hear what we are putting out.”Since the label started up two years ago, PNKSLM have worked with acts everywhere from Stockholm and London to St Petersburg.

With such a consistently faultless roster of releases under their belt, it’s impossible to dispute their conviction.

Just like she started writing songs early, she also started working early. nk was already a regular singer at a night club in Philadelphia. She was a very heavy partier as a teenager and also got herself involved in the world of hard drugs. nk, she was one of three members in a trio called Choice. They were wildly popular at the time, and her R&B-pop sound blended perfectly with the boy band’s. nk was just five years old, she met Brooke Shields.

The world of becoming a famous musician is not always a glamorous one. Choice soon fell apart, though, and she went solo shortly thereafter. Pink once showed up to Christina Aguilera’s birthday party wearing only body paint from the waist up. She reportedly also kissed Aguilera on the mouth before leaving the party. Little did Shields know she was in the presence of a future superstar.

Compared to the UK, there's not so many small Swedish labels doing the whole underground Rock & Roll thing out here, which I think made it more exciting and attractive to everyone over here.

And on the flipside, being a cool Swedish label also makes us stand out more back in the UK and other places. When we started with the first singles, it was me and William Knight, who I used to play in Sex Beet with.

“If we fall in love with something it doesn't really matter where it's from. I think it's actually been a huge benefit starting the label out here rather than back in London.

Due in part to her broken home, Pink developed a rebellious nature that would go on to get her into a lot of trouble.

Pink’s parents divorced when she was just three years old.

In the face of an industry that focuses so much on physical appearance, P!

nk continues to demolish taboos surrounding what it means to be a musician in the industry.

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