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I wanted the blackest orchid, and those aren't easy to find." The perfume is luxurious and the product range includes Eau de Parfum in 50ml (at US) and 100ml (at US5) bottles, and limited edition of 5.000 15ml bottles of Parfum at US0. Buy Tom Ford Black Orchid at Price: .00 - .00 Design: 2/5 stars - While I think the ribbed glass on the bottle is a nice touch, nothing about this is particularly eye-catching to me.In terms of functionality, it's a bit bulky and hard to hold while spraying.I can see why this is such a popular fragrance and how it is held in high esteem. The combination of slightly bitter chocolate, earthy tuber and patchouli, sweet and lush florals, and spices is pure genius. If you like Black Orchid you must give Velvet Orchid a try too. I'm a 27 year old woman and this is my first Tom Ford fragrance. It sits close to the skin on me, but stays noticable for at least 8 hrs. I wear it all the time,not just at night, because its sillage isn't overpowering on me. He went much further than Dior Addict or Poison and created an absolutely dark scent. I remember when this first came out in 2006; US Vogue had an ad which included a fancy tester that was a tiny towelette moistened with the EDP and sealed in foil.Having said that, it isn't blowing me away in the manner I expected. Very sophisticated, and non-traditional for a world that equates flowers and powder as an expensive perfume. Wear this if you are an office bitch, trust fund goth, or mean old lady at heart. This is a very particular and weird fragrance, I don’t understand if I like it or not.... I have to say that I was really surprised after the first spray onto my wrist. I tried Black Orchid a few times on my skin before buying. So dark that whenever I smell it I feel like my face is covered in moist dirt with some mushrooms in it. Makes me feel claustrophobic, and it was almost hard to breath the air around myself when I wore it.. to me it brings to mind 'the emperor's new clothes' story. I remember that smell hitting me in the face with its sex appeal (maybe it motorboated me? I love the vintage look of the bottle, and it's very glamorous, but at its heart I think it is a more contemporary style- the base has a sweetness with amber and hint of gourmand.

As stated, I sense this might be a unisex fragrance, so some men who are curious to try it might find something to like here, too. I just hope everyone around me likes it as much as I do! It has appeal and it is sexy, but in an aggressive way. I think Tom Ford really hit it on the nail with this one. I'm sure for some this must be the holy grail of perfumes... My search continues *sigh* .....anyway, to those who are wondering.. though I'm sure I'm going to get ripped apart for leaving a dislike review on the Beloved and revered Black Orchid .In truth, I would have loved to have smelled this on a man (even though it's marketed as a woman's fragrance)!I think the scent structure and delivery is far more befitting a man's cologne than a woman's perfume. Let me start off this review by saying that this is mens floral done right. This is probably the one I'm getting myself for Christmas, with Mugler Alien or Angel as alternatives.As stated above, the only way I could derail this silage train was to scrub it off.I trust some people might enjoy super-strong, powerful scents, but I tend to shy away from them, so Black Orchid simply wasn't my taste.

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