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Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, see An epublication delivered in an enhanced PDF format, using Adobe’s proprietary EBX DRM, capable of being read in the Adobe Ebook Reader software, on any platform which can support this software, which was formerly known as Glassbook.An epublication delivered in an unencrypted Microsoft .A Delete instruction is only used when there is a particular reason to withdraw a record completely, eg because it was issued in error.Carrying multiple copies, primarily for retailing as separate items.Use when sending an instruction to delete a record which was previously issued.Note that a Delete instruction should NOT be used when a product is cancelled, put out of print, or otherwise withdrawn from sale: this should be handled as a change of Publishing status, leaving the receiver to decide whether to retain or delete the record.

These are laid out with three columns: Use for a complete record issued to confirm advance information approximately six months before publication; or for a complete record issued after that date and before information has been confirmed from the book-in-hand.Narrow strip-shaped printed sheet used mostly for education or children’s products (eg depicting alphabet, number line, procession of illustrated characters etc). Wallet or folder (containing loose sheets etc): it is preferable to code the contents and treat ‘wallet’ as packaging (List 80), but if this is not possible the product as a whole may be coded as a ‘wallet’.A product containing multiple copies of one or more items packaged together for retail sale, consisting of either (a) several copies of a single item (eg 6 copies of a graded reader), or (b) several copies of each of several items (eg 3 copies each of 3 different graded readers), or (c) several copies of one or more single items plus a single copy of one or more related items (eg 30 copies of a pupil’s textbook plus 1 of teacher’s text).Japanese magazine identifier, similar in scope to ISSN but identifying a specific issue of a serial publication.Five digits to identify the periodical, plus a hyphen and two digits to identify the issue.

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