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The bangers let things down a teeny bit - I'm not sure what brand they're using (or if they're making their own), but they were a bit on the dense side.

Still a pretty excellent meal and one that would be perfect with just a few tweaks.

Many of these have natural replacements - we'll soon blog the eatery at El Chino's address, The Snug's still in business in Brunswick, Middle Fish is scheduled to return in 2019, and the Easy Tiger crew are still working elsewhere in Victoria.

In the end, with four dishes to choose from and four people eating, it was clear what we had to do: one of each to share.

First up was the burrito - a massive tortilla stuffed with rice, jackfruit pulled 'pork' and coriander, topped with vegan sour cream, salsa and minced jalapeno ().

This was ludicrously big, and anyone ordering it on their own would surely struggle.

Between four it worked okay, although the burrito filling was very heavy on the rice and a bit light on the jackfruit.

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